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Pinaka provide e-governance IT solutions to clients like no one else. We believe in 3G’s they are, Gather right information, Give accurate solutions and help you achieve Great profits. We help you see your business grow. Our tools and expertise will drive our partners to attain desired results which have maximum interaction with the public.


Pinaka provides corporate solutions that are business-critical and help you sail smooth through challenging and constantly evolving technological changes. We use the industry’s finest and most technologically-advanced solutions to ensure that you receive utmost satisfaction with our service.


With mobiles market share crossing 80% globally, it continues to maintain its dominant position in the market with this increased popularity, mobile has become a need rather than luxury for businesses. Pinaka has enabled its clients to navigate through the clutter by developing numerous mobile applications across the sector and geography.

The company’s 25 plus years of relentless research and hands on working in the rural areas has led to the development of the 16 software solutions which can address any rural requirement.

- C.G Mandanna / Managing Director


Our strength is to create technology for Rural areas. We create value for our clients by leveraging our knowledge, experience, industry specific best practices and an insight into access to emerging technologies supported by a strong project management and implementation methodologies.


The core concept of Pinaka extends beyond just agriculture and its related activities but also looks at rural and socio-economic activities in a more holistic context addressing the entire gamut of the rural economy with its social causes and concerns.

Pinaka Infomatics Pvt Ltd is specialized in rural IT and e-governance solutions for rural areas.

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